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Najas Marina in Lake Maloney.

Najas Marina - (Spiney Moss)

In recent years, some Lake Maloney residents

have been dealing with a very pesky plant

that has spines on it which not only hurt when

swimming, but it is causing problems for some

on getting boats onto or off of shore stations. 


Dr. Steven Rolfsmeier a professor in the Physical and Life Sciences College at Chadron State College was invited to speak at the Annual Meeting regarding Najas Marina or known to Lake residents as Spiney Moss, however, according to Rolfsmeier, Najas Maria is not a moss at all, it is actually an algae. It is a very short-lived aquatic flowering plant. The flowers produce under the water and also pollinates under the water. Not a lot is known about this plant because it is relatively new, however, it resembles another plant called Holly-Leaf Naiad which is more common in Nebraska. Since little is known about the Najas Maria, they look to the Holly-Leaf Naiad for answers. 


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