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Najas Marina - (Spiney Moss)

Spiny Watermymph (Niad) 

Jim reported to the group about spiny niad
(prickly moss). This is been a relatively new
problem to the lake and began to show its ugly
self about 3 years ago and isn’t going away.
In fact, it is the opposite of going away, it is
spreading and making its way to other places on the lake. The LMPOA board tried an experiment this summer to try and get rid of it with an approved chemical, however, it did not work. Jim has found out that there is something available called Aquacide pellet but it has not been approved by NPPD yet. He indicated a professional would have to apply. Sam Perry said that there is also a product called Muck Away that is available that cleans up dead matter, but is not an herbicide. Brian stressed that we are not to try and treat this on our own. Brian Hope, NPPD representative, said that the spiny moss is also starting to appear in the Sutherland Reservoir. It was noted by the group that this must be a problem at other lakes so hopefully more information can be obtained on remedies to this very annoying problem. The Board will stay on top of this matter to hopefully get spiny niad out of the water for good.

Najas Marina in Lake Maloney Update.

Lake Maloney History

Robert Peterson (Bob) has worked at NPPD for most of his life and is very aware of the history of Lake Maloney-how it began and how the Lake got to where it is today. Bob provided me with a report that he had while he worked at NPPD titled “Recreational Development Lake Maloney by Helen M. Brannan written in September, 1989, about the history of Lake Maloney.

This report is an interesting read and gives great insight on some of the rules and regulations we have today. It is also interesting to note that some of the same problems that existed in the mid 1900’s exist today—more than 50 years later. 

This history has been posted to the website under the History tab. 

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