T C Engineering Presentation

By Brent Burkland

Taking a simple task of laying 8 feet of concrete and creating a 3.5 mile trail sounds like a simple task, but as Brent Burkland of TC Engineering explained as a guest speaker at the LMPOA Annual Meeting in November, that task is not nearly as easy as it sounds. He began by informing everyone that the trail has had four stages so far. Phase I was 1.2 miles and cost $196,000. This part of the trail was funded all by donations and no grants were involved. Phase II was 1.3 miles and cost $350,000 in which $100,000 was funded by donations and $250,000 was funded by a grant from the Nebraska Games and Parks. Phase III was $30,000 and .3 miles and was paid for by donations and lastly Phase IV has yet to be determined on the final cost, but it will be the most expensive because of the location with the proximity to homes and elevation as a lot of landscape bricks will need to be purchased. Phase IV will also have a $250,000 grant which will certainly help with the final bill. The total trail will be 3.5 miles long and it will cost

very close to a total of $1,000,000. We could officially name our trail the “Million Dollar Trail”.

Brent said his job for this project has been very unique. He always tries to take the vision of his client, which is the LMPOA, but beside that responsibility he has also had to navigate the location of the trail, the ownership of the trail and funding of the trail. The customer is LMPOA, but LMPOA does not own the land that the trail is being built on, NPPD does, but the trail crosses over the county road making the county involved. So a lot of difference pieces enter into the equation. In Brent’s words, “We take a very simple project and make it very complicated because of the requirements of all the different entities.

Once some decisions are made, then it takes a complicated project even more complicated because of the attorney’s including NPPD attorney’s, Game & Parks attorney’s, the Lincoln County attorney, and the Federal Highway Association.

So in essence, TC Engineering is the puzzle maker trying to make sense of all the pieces and make sure all the pieces connect for the ultimate end result. One of the hardest parts of Brent’s job is to figure out the chain of command so who is it that writes the check, which has been Lincoln County, but who is the actual owner of the trail.. NPPD. It is somewhat easier as far as regulations are concerned when the trail is on the side without the water because then FERC (Federal Energy Regulator Commission) doesn’t have to be involved, but on the side where the trail is on water side, then FERC has to approve and their timeline is like the timeline of a snail… very slow. There was also the issue of birds nest that can’t be removed in certain times of years if trees were going to be cut down as to not ruin bird’s nests.

The list of entities that Brent had to go through is as follows: NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act), DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality), FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), Game and Parks Commission, NPPD, Federal Energy, Lincoln County, Dawson Public Power, Charter Communations, CentryLink, and I’m sure Brent forgot a couple.

Another issue of concern is who writes the checks. We were depositing the funds into Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation and they cannot write checks, so the task of writing checks went to Lincoln County.

It’s been a very interesting project and a lot of people spent a lot of time and resources to make sure that this million dollar trail be built. It truly is a worthwhile and necessary project for safety purposes and the board hopes it will be enjoyed by everyone for many years to come.


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This includes…

1. Excessive Barking and Noise

2. Dogs Running Loose.

3. Picking Up After Your Pet 

Please be considerate of your neighbors. 

All violators will be confronted. 

Security Tips from Annual Meeting

By Jerome Kramer and presented by Kevin Kennedy

Sheriff Kramer was asked to be a guest speaker at the 2018 annual meeting to give lake residents security tips, however, something came up and he wasn’t able to attend, but he did provide his notes to Kevin Kennedy who presented the excellent tips and also injected a few of his own good ideas.

Some good tips to live by are as follows:

-Keep your area very well lit.

-Install lots of motion lights

-If you are planning on being away, tell your neighbors so they can keep an eye out.

-If you have an alarm, make sure someone knows your code in case it goes off while you are gone.

-Sleep with your car fob next to your bed so if necessary you can push the alarm and your car alarm would sound off possibly scaring the intruder to leave.

-Install cameras as burglars are very camera shy.

-Call the Sherriff’s office at 308-535-9599 if you are calling between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time. Be prepared to give the date you are leaving and the date you should be coming back home. They will send deputies to keep an eye out.

-Some perpetrators will come to the door and pretend to ask for directions. They are trying to determine if you are home. If you aren’t, they might break in.

-Know that a lot of burglaries are common during the daytime since a lot of people aren’t home or are around.

-Don’t have windows on your garage doors as people can look in and see what you have. If you do have windows, put a cover on it to conceal your personal belongings.

-Padlock fence gates.

-Double your locks.

-Lock boat houses.

-Don’t leave your keys in your car.

-Use common sense.

-Don’t be afraid to call 9-1-1. Better safe than sorry.

Sherriff Kramer says “Get a gun and get trained on how to use it. Lincoln County will remove the body and the insurance company will have your carpets cleaned”.

There are booklets available at the Sheriff’s office about scams for even more awareness. Stop in there office and grab one.

Costs of living at Lake Maloney

As many know, there are many different lease structures for people who live at Lake Maloney. Below is a breakdown of the differences 

LOCATION                         ANNUAL FEE

Lake Maloney

Lake Maloney  

Homeowners                        $ Varies depending on lot but ranges
$441 - $1,050 (2017 rate only                                                with yearly Scheduled increases.)

Prairie Lake Boat Club           $350.00

Mill Isle Boat Club                $400.00

Frontier Resort                      $600.00


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