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Up-to-date information and/or notices are occasionally sent out to the Lake Maloney residents email list. If you would like to be on the email list of the LMPOA, please let me know by emailing me your email address to If you are on the list and are currently receiving the messages but do not want to be on it, please let me know as well. 



This includes…

1. Excessive Barking and Noise

2. Dogs Running Loose.

3. Picking Up After Your Pet 

Please be considerate of your neighbors. 

All violators will be confronted. 

Check Out 

Mike McCormick McCormick Creative of 412 Seagull Lane volunteered his expertise in website design and helped update the website. We are going to try and keep it up-to-date and place for you to get important lake information. If you have any pictures of anything lake related that you would like to put on the website, please submit to and we will get it on the website. Also, please check out the advertiser page. If you click on the advertiser, it will automatically take you to the advertiser’s link. 

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Costs of living at Lake Maloney

As many know, there are many different lease structures for people who live at Lake Maloney. Below is a breakdown of the differences 

LOCATION                                          ANNUAL FEE

Lake Maloney Homeowners                   $ Varies depending on lot but ranges from $441 - $1,050                                                                       (2017 rate only with yearly Scheduled increases.)

Prairie Lake Boat Club                          $350.00

Mill Isle Boat Club                               $400.00

Frontier Resort                                     $600.00


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