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Lake News Break


Newton “Ned” Mack

At the last LMPOA Board meeting in October, Ned had informed the Board that he would not be extending his term to be on the board for the next three years. Ned has been on the board since 2006 and President for three of them. Ned has been such an important board member and advocate for the LMPOA. Ned is very willing to do whatever he needs to do. Ned was the President in 2013, when the Board started tackling the Lake Maloney Trail Project which was a very difficult project as there were many layers in obtaining approval of the trail from NPPD and the County and securing grants for funding through the Games & Park Commission and Twin Platte Valley Resources District. In addition to this major project, Ned also managed the emergency sirens battery maintenance and he was the By-Laws expert. Ned and his wife, Nancy, are also very good about helping out with the numerous trash walks throughout the years. 

Fellow board member, Dr. Jim States, remembers working with Ned, Dr. Sam Perry, and Dr. Steve Dent with a project at the culvert by Jack’s Pond when they were widening the approach for the trail. With the help of Roger Anderson at Charlie’s North Plate Plumbing and Scott Steele of Steele’s Construction, they laid down a neoprene blanket to help with erosion. Truckloads of concrete chucks had to be placed on the blanket by hand. Scott unloaded them on top of the embankment but they needed to be moved down the steep bank one by one to the bottom of the embankment and the wind just happened to be howling from the north that day, but the four doctors, Ned, Sam, Steve, and Jim moved each one of those chucks of concrete down the bank on this particular windy day. Scott couldn’t help himself and said, “Well, it would take four doctors to do this dirty job”. 

The Board truly appreciates all that Ned has done for us as a Board and for all the Lake. If you happen to see Ned, please thank him for his dedicated years of service to our Lake community. 

Even though Ned is no longer on the Board, we know he is only a phone call away, so keep your phone handy, Ned. 

Special Recognition of Lake Property Owner Couple 

There are so many people that do so much for the Lake who go unnoticed and it will be hard to mention everyone, but in this newsletter, I would like to recognize Dean and Linda Oman at 525 Goose Isle Drive. Dean and Linda are always so willing to do any projects of the LMPOA that include trash walks and other special projects. Dean has been mowing from his house on Goose Isle to South Maloney Drive for years using his own lawn mower and making the area look great. The Board is so appreciate of Dean and Linda and all that they do for the LMPOA.


Joshua Nila completed his Eagle Scout Project this summer by placing mile makers along the trail. Joshua put the markers on the trail at every ¼ of a mile. Now users of the trail will know how far it is to the end of the trail 

Coach Jim Orcutt, Abbigail Jones, Karsen Morrison, Maya Lashley, Bailey Steele, Haley Mathews, Kaylee Carlson, Coach Matt Kaminski, and Athletic Director, Jordan Cudney

depending on which way they are going. Board member, George Witte oversaw this project with Josh, but reported that 

The LMPOA Board approved the purchase of two new pet waste systems that hopefully will be well used by users of the trail who walk/run with their four-legged creatures. Two pet waste stations were recently installed and may purchase additional ones in the future. The product installed is called a Mutt Mitt Dog Waste Station. Mutt Mitts are better than a traditional dog waste bag, because each Mutt Mitt has an end gusset that forms a ‘mitten’ to make clean-up easier and safer. Mutt Mitts are safer because there is no bottom seam to rip and are engineered with a side seam meaning you won’t get a ‘yuck’ feeling. Hopefully, making it easier for dog walkers to use this system, will mean that these bags and liners will need to be replaced often, which will be a very good thing, both for the dog owner and good for the non-dog owner who doesn’t want to see the pile. “Like the sign 

2020 NPHS Golf Girl’s Golf Team 

A few months ago, the team worried about if they would even have a 2020 Golf Season due to Covid-19 and just a few months later, the NPHS golf team brought home the Class A Girl’s Golf State Championship. North Platte High School won the 

tournament for the first time in school history with a score of 660 beating the 2nd place team of Lincoln Pius by 23 strokes. Four of the five golfers on the team all have ties to Lake Maloney which include the seniors, Bailey Steele, daughter of Scott and Melissa Steele (S Maloney Dr) and Maya Lashley, daughter of Ben and Libby Lashley (N Maloney Dr) and sophomores, Karsen Morrison, daughter of Brad and Brooke Morrison (Mill Isle) and Abbigail Jones (granddaughter of Ross & Linda Perry (S Maloney Dr). The fifth player on the team is Kaylee Carlson. This is such a high honor for the team who has worked very hard not only for the last few months but for many years as these girls have been playing golf from a very young age and have made the trek countless times from with golf clubs in tow from their homes to the Lake Maloney Golf Course. The LMPOA is very proud of their accomplishments and know with their already established hard work and determination that they will go a long way in both golf and their lives. 

Director of Golf at Lake Maloney Golf Course, Will Peers has announced new Winter Hours effective immediately from now until the end of February. Currently, the course will be open Wednesday-Saturday 11:00 AM- 8 PM. 

If the weather should happen to be above 40 degrees on Sunday-Tuesday with no snow cover, the course and clubhouse will open. Keep in mind, however, that if you want to play golf, golf carts are only allowed on the course if the temperature is above 45 degrees as to not ruin the fairway grass. 

Please keep in mind that to visit the clubhouse, you do not need to be a member. This is a great place to get out of the house for a while catching up with your friends and even making new friends. Some people go over to the clubhouse to play cards or use the golf simulator. The popcorn is always popping and bar is always stocked with both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. 

Also, now that the Husker’s have started playing again, everyone is invited to the Husker Tailgate Party. Bring an appetizer and we can all yell at the refs together. 


Lastly, the course is open for events and holidays if you are interested in renting the clubhouse. To reserve a date, please call Will at 532-9998 or email

Ice Safety on the Trail

The trail is very slick when there is snow on the sides as it melts during the day and then freezes at night. Try to avoid the trail in the dark as it is very unsafe.

Ice Safety on the Lake

If you are like most homeowners at the Lake, you love winter just almost as much as summer. The winter has many beautiful landscape views, eagle sightings as they try and eat the fish, and ice related activities such as ice skating and ice fishing.
Please be aware of these ice safety tips below:

  • Test & Inspect the thickness of ice. A good idea is to drill every 10 feet as you go out.

  • Learn how to read ice. The best ice is blue or clear and thick. A temperature sustaining over six hours above freezing
    can severely weaken the ice. Remember, old ice can deteriorate. Avoid first ice, old ice, gray, or black ice as it is in the process of disintegration.

  • Never enter ice that is less than 4 inches thick.

  • Wear a floation protection device (this will also help keep you warm)

  • Never enter the ice alone – Take a buddy!

  • Don’t build a fire on the ice.

  • The weaker ice will be in the center and along the edges. Beware of wet cracks, slushy,
    and darker areas as that indicates weakness.

  • Do not take vehicles out on the ice.

  • Learn how to rescue yourself and others- good idea to have an ice pick with you.

  • To avoid falling on the ice- a good idea to walk like a penguin as it will give you better balance.

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