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Trash Walk

Informal trash walks were held in the fall and spring. Informal as that there was no date planned just a week to try and get it done. This seemed to work very well for people as they could go out in their own time frame and collect the trash. Unfortunately, as the people who helped in the trash walks know, there is a lot of trash out there and the trash walks are very necessary. Some of the unusual items besides countless alcohol and drink containers that were found include car parts, a sink, and furniture. Many thanks go out to the following people, Jim and Mary States, Dean and Linda Oman and granddaughters, Ned and Nancy Mack, Mark and Lori Schoenholz, Patti Harkreader, Julie Mroczek Hlavaty, Toni Guthrie, Hayley Guthrie, Allie Guthrie, and Dakota Guthrie, Phil Ham, and Celine Sawyer. In 2019, the LMPOA was paid $200 for their efforts, so a little income is generated for the LMPOA. Again, many thanks to those who have participated.

LMPOA Dues are Due Important Information

An invoice will be sent soon for the 2020 dues. Many members paid at the 2019 annual meeting which is very much appreciated and they will not receive an invoice but the rest of the Lake home owners will receive invoices in March, 2020. Your dues are very much appreciated and without your dues many projects would not have been completed including the trail. Last year, the LMPOA had 172 members which is the most ever. We hope that everyone participates in paying their dues as everyone benefits from the dues that are being paid. Some of the projects that the LMPOA board participated in 2019 include the following:

  • Trail repair near the golf course in the 800 So Maloney Dr area as a couple pieces of the concrete moved up and needed to be broken up, taken away, and new concrete repoured.

  • Tree removal from the 400 S Maloney block area.

  • Trail donation

  • New sign from Condon Signs at the head of the trail in the flower bed near Kansas Point.

  • Experiment with approved chemical to remove Spiny Niad.

  • Mowing along the trail

  • Utilities & Siren (approximately $3000 per year- which equates to 60 members)

Next year plans are being made but projects will include the following:

  • Tree Planting

  • Removal of Spiny Niad

  • Signs at the trail head

  • Fish Stocking

  • Discussion of other ideas will be at the quarterly meetings.

If anyone has any ideas, please let a board member know. The board members are listed on the back page along with their phone numbers.

All Lake Maloney Garage Sale

Spring, 2020

This spring will be the All Lake Maloney Garage Sale. In past years, the all lake garage sale has been over Memorial Weekend and has had a great turnout. If any of you have ideas of a different date, please let me now. Keep in mind that the All Lake Maloney Garage Sale means that the LMPOA will help with advertising and signs. This year, I will contact the Salvation Army to see if they can bring a truck out here at the end of the garage sale

so that if there

are items that

didn’t sell, then

we can put

into their truck.

I’ll find out more details on that subject.

I will have more information about the garage sale via emails to the Lake Maloney Homeowners. If you aren’t getting any emails from me, please contact me at and let me know your email so I can keep you in the loop.

Welcome New Lake Homeowners

  • Anne Marie Ollo 
    541 Goose Island Dr

  • Barry & Amy Carl 
    715 S Maloney Dr

  • Mike & Teri Schorer  
    Prairie Lake Boat Club Lot #11

  • Jeremy & Kira Kautz
    600 Goose Island Dr

  • Tyler & Stacey Hughes 
    404 Sandpiper Way

  • Troy & Lindsey Perry 
    Mill Isle Boat Club Lot 40

  • Charles Green-Mill
    Isle Boat Club Lot 3

  • Gary & Misty Monks  
    Frontier Resort Lot 37

Swimming Lessons

Patti Dwyer-Harkreader is an experienced aquatic instructor who is willing to provide swimming lessons to individuals or families. Patti is available beginning now to give swim lessons to individuals or families. Patti has had many years of experience, she has reasonable fees, and can help with ages from 6 to 96. Patti is experienced with all types of swimmers including children and adults with disabilities. Patti will let you choose your desired location which can be at the Rec Center, Lake Maloney, or Cody Pool. Of course, now the Rec Center will be the only option. You can reach Patti at
907-409-7927 (call or text).

Construction Permits

Don’t forget that if any home owners is planning on any construction projects, they must be approved by NPPD. You can log on to Nebraska Public Power to obtain a construction permit or contact Brian Hope at or 535-5323.

Ice Safety on the Trail

The trail is very slick when there is snow on the sides as it melts during the day and then freezes at night. Try to avoid the trail in the dark as it is very unsafe.

Ice Safety on the Lake

If you are like most homeowners at the Lake, you love winter just almost as much as summer. The winter has many beautiful landscape views, eagle sightings as they try and eat the fish, and ice related activities such as ice skating and ice fishing.
Please be aware of these ice safety tips below:

  • Test & Inspect the thickness of ice. A good idea is to drill every 10 feet as you go out.

  • Learn how to read ice. The best ice is blue or clear and thick. A temperature sustaining over six hours above freezing
    can severely weaken the ice. Remember, old ice can deteriorate. Avoid first ice, old ice, gray, or black ice as it is in the process of disintegration.

  • Never enter ice that is less than 4 inches thick.

  • Wear a floation protection device (this will also help keep you warm)

  • Never enter the ice alone – Take a buddy!

  • Don’t build a fire on the ice.

  • The weaker ice will be in the center and along the edges. Beware of wet cracks, slushy, and darker areas
    as that indicates weakness.

  • Do not take vehicles out on the ice.

  • Learn how to rescue yourself and others- good idea to have an ice pick with you.

  • To avoid falling on the ice- a good idea to walk like a penguin as it will give you better balance.

Lake Maloney Golf Club Report

By Will Peers

2020 is going to be a great year here at Lake Maloney Golf Club! My name is Will Peers and I am

the new Director of Golf as of October 1, 2019. I just moved here from Nevada from a town right outside

of Las Vegas called Pahrump along with my wife, Rachel, and 19-month-old son, Cooper. Please feel free to stop in and introduce yourself. Golfer or not, I would love to meet as many people as I can!

This off season we have made a lot of changes so far. These changes consist of a new website, new point of sale system, improved driving range, and a new chipping green. We hope that these improvements enhance the customer experience here at Lake Maloney Golf Club. We look forward to making your experience here the best we can, whether you are coming out to golf, socialize, or both.

Things to look forward to next season include a new and improved junior golf program, social gatherings, and more events for golfers and non-golfers. Lessons will also be available, and rates can be found on our website at You can stay up to date on what is going on by joining our e-club on our website or following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Lake Maloney Golf Club is open to the public! Please feel free to join us for any of our events!

Contact us for all your Retirement Party, Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions, Etc. If you have any

questions, please feel free to contact me at or 308-532-9998.

Other Items

Jim said that it has been reported by many of people (not necessarily just lake home owners) are dumping trash, grass clippings, and yard waste along the roadside. Jim strongly reminded people that this is unacceptable as it is very unsightly. If you know someone who is doing this, please contact a board member or Brian Hope so that they can try and help get this stopped.

Jim also reported that snow fencing and tree planting along the trail is being planned to stop snow drifting. Orlin Faulhaber has been working on the tree planting along No Maloney Drive where there is a bad area on the trail of snow drifting. Orlin reported that it is planned to plant approximately 1300 square feet of evergreen trees. The cost will be approximately $1800 but is also looking into cost sharing with NRD so it would cost less. Orlin will know more next spring if we will be able to participate in the cost sharing program.

The last item that Jim discussed was about fish stocking in Jack’s Pond. The Nebraska Game and Parks stocked 1600 blue gills last spring but are hesitant to give more because of the fact that the pond is drained every few years and would hate to lose them. There have been measures by the Board to stop that pond from being drained, but it has not been proven yet if it will work. Fingers Crossed.

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