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Lenny & Jane Hassel

How long have you lived at Lake Maloney?

Thirty-one years. We built our house in 1987.

What do you like best about living at the Lake? 

Access to so much fun...water sports, golf, relaxing atmosphere. 

Where did you graduate from high school?

Lenny: Fenton, Iowa

Jane: Geneva, Nebraska

How long have you been married and how many kids you have? 

Thirty-seven years. We have two children, a son, Tim, and a daughter, Jill.

What is your favorite activity at the Lake?

We fell in love with the lake because of water- skiing but now we would say we like to sail and golf more. 

Who is your favorite professional athlete? 

Danny Woodhead 

Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Actress: Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock 

Actor: Morgan Freeman. 

What is the last book you read? 

Jane: ”First They Killed My Father” by Loung Ungl. 

Lenny: “Police at the Station and They Don’t Look Friendly” by Adrian McKinty 

What is your favorite movie? 

Mission Impossible series

What do you do in the winter months? 

Up until this year we worked, but we always try to go south for a break from the cold like
Mexico, Florida, Texas or Arizona.

What are three or four things you can’t live without? 

Family, friends and warm weather. 

Name one thing on your bucket list.

Travel to Ireland....We will be able to finally take that off our list next week and continue to see more of the world.

What is something that someone might not know about you? 

Together we have spent 88 years in the education field. Lenny played college football and Jane was in a college dance organization.

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