2020 Membership Update:

An invoice will be sent soon for the 2020 dues. Many members paid at the 2019 annual meeting which is very much appreciated and they will not receive an invoice but the rest of the Lake home owners will receive invoices in March, 2020. Your dues are very much appreciated and without your dues many projects would not have been completed including the trail. Last year, the LMPOA had 172 members which is the most ever. We hope that everyone participates in paying their dues as everyone benefits from the dues that are being paid. Some of the projects that the LMPOA board participated in 2019 include the following:

  • Trail repair near the golf course in the 800 So Maloney Dr area as a couple pieces of the concrete moved up and needed to be broken up, taken away, and new concrete repoured.

  • Tree removal from the 400 S Maloney block area.

  • Trail donation

  • New sign from Condon Signs at the head of the trail in the flower bed near Kansas Point.

  • Experiment with approved chemical to remove Spiny Niad.

  • Mowing along the trail

  • Utilities & Siren (approximately $3000 per year- which equates to 60 members)

Next year plans are being made but projects will include the following:

  • Tree Planting

  • Removal of Spiny Niad

  • Signs at the trail head

  • Fish Stocking

  • Discussion of other ideas will be at the quarterly meetings.

If anyone has any ideas, please let a board member know. The board members are listed on the back page along with their phone numbers.



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