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The last quarterly meeting had many topics to discuss. President, Orlin Faulhaber, brought the meeting to order. The first item on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the last meeting which was held in July 20, 2020, submitted by Secretary, Jane Hassel. The next item on the agenda was a look at the financial report for the year. The two most important topics to discuss with the financials is making sure that we spend the amount of money necessary in order to get the annual reimbursement from NPPD. NPPD reimburses the LMPOA which is based on a percentage of the lot leases. Since lot leases have increased over the years, so has the annual reimbursement. The Board plans different projects throughout the year to make sure that the reimbursement requirements are met and also make improvements. Over the last few years, the money has gone towards the Lake Maloney Trail. In 2020, the two main projects were planting evergreen trees on North Maloney Drive, the purchase of a weed cutter to help with Spiny Naiad, and a new dock that will be installed at Jack’s Pond. The other major discussion with the financial report is to report on how many Lake Owners joined the LMPOA for 2020. LMPOA had a record number of members with 175 members. 

The LMPOA also discussed the 2020 Eagle Scout Project. Joshua Nila completed his Eagle Scout Project this spring/summer by placing distance markers along the Lake Maloney Trail. Many members of the board commented how nice they look while also giving good information to people who use the trail and wants to know how far to certain landmarks. The markers are placed so that the people who mow in the summer and snowplow in the winter, won’t have to worry about knocking them over. The Board is very appreciative of Josh and his project. This is the second year in a row for an Eagle Scout project, as in 2019, Keegan Nitsche completed his Eagle Scout Project with the help of some improvements at Jack’s Pond. Celine Sawyer also brought up the need for dog waste stations for along the trail. It has been commented by many frequent users of the trail and it was voted on unanimously to install two stations this year. 

Next topic of the meeting was Spiny Naiad. If you don’t know what that is, you are lucky, as many lake owners are finding out to well what spiny naiad is. Spiny Naiad was brought into Lake Maloney just a few short years ago in a bay near North Maloney Drive. This weed has spread to many more areas of the lake. Spiny Naiad is an annual and reseeds itself. This year, it was voted on by the Board to purchase a weed cutter that is hooked to a boat and then can cut the weed away, but this year, the spiny naiad showed up so late, that the Board didn’t get to try out the new weed cutter. Please see the article for a more in-depth report on Spiny Naiad. 

If the LMPOA would have been able to have a meeting in November, Carla O’Dell from the Lincoln County Road Department was going to be a guest speaker to inform the members of the upcoming road resurfacing next spring. Carla told Brian Hope from NPPD that the overlay this spring will be approximately two inches thick. Some of the homeowners may have noticed some trees being cut in October. They were hired by the County to do some trimming so that the road will be ready next spring when it is time to do the project. Paulsen Construction will be doing the work and this will be one of the first projects they will do next spring. Of course, this is a very good time to discuss some problem areas along the road and the LMPOA Board and the county will be in discussion to see what can be done with those areas. 

As mentioned above, one of the big projects for 2020 for the LMPOA is a dock replacement at Jack’s Pond. This area is highly used by many people and it was felt that a larger and safer dock would be a good investment for the area. Orlin brought a couple of different dock layouts and prices for the Board to decide on the new dock. The dock will be purchased in 2020, but won’t be installed into the pond until next Spring. It will be a floating dock, very much like the dock at South Beach that the LMPOA purchased several years ago. It is also a highly used dock and has held up very well throughout the years. The dock at Jack’s Pond will be bigger than the one at South Beach. 

The next item on the agenda, were nominations for the Board. Two members will be going off the board this year which include Ned Mack and Jim States, who have both served five terms since 2006. Jim has decided to run again, but Ned has decided that five terms is enough for him. The board members are nominated and approved at the Annual Meeting and since the annual meeting is being post phoned until next Spring, Ned went ahead and resigned at this meeting and Teresa Piccolo will be replacing Ned at this time. Approval of Teresa’s nomination for the next term will be at the Annual Meeting next spring. 

Other topics discussed at the meeting included the discussion regarding the tree planting along the trail on North Maloney Drive. The total cost of the project was $1,744, however, Orlin received a reimbursement check from a grant from the NRD (Nebraska Resources District) of $872, which is 50% of the total cost so the total cost of the tree planting to the LMPOA was $872. The last two months of the summer proved to be very dry and a look at the trees show that they are alive, but it is important to get water on them before winter starts. That is the advantage of planting very small seedlings as opposed to planting larger trees. Orlin learned from the NRD that a 1-inch seedling will grow just as fast as a 3-inch seedling due to the shock factor of the larger tree which stunts the growth for a short period of time. 

Brian Hope, Land Management Coordinator for NPPD, provided a report. He mainly reported on the lake water level. As Brian as communicated with the homeowners, the water level has been down due to a project at Sutherland. He said the project is about completed and the water level will gradually increase and be back to the COVID normal which is 6 inches below the regular normal by the middle of November. 

The next quarterly meeting will be in February, 2021. 

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