The Lake Maloney Property Owner's Association (LMPOA) is striving to improve our services to you as lake homeowners. As of 2011, the LMPOA Board will be sending annual letters to inform homeowners the current events the LMPOA board is discussing at quarterly and annual meeting and upcoming projects. Some of you may or may not know that your property at the lake is in the homeowner's association called Lake Maloney Property Owner's Association. The LMPOA has many goals and objective with the main objective of the association is the make the Lake a better place for you to live and for your friends and family to enjoy.


The Board meets on a quarterly basis and discusses many facets of the lake. Those in attendance of this meeting are the Board member consisting of representatives for all areas of the Lake including Frontier Resort, Prarie Lake Boat Club, and Mill Isle Boat Club. Employees from the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) also attend. Our association is unique in that they represent a large group of homeowners (could potentially be up to 356 members) but we must also comply with NPPD's rules and regulations. LMPOA is the bridge between the homeowners and NPPD.
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District 1 Lots 1-84 & PV1-10

Orlin Faulhaber, 530-5796

Jim McCylmont, 

District 2 Lots 85-159

Dr. Jim States, 532-8323

George Witte, 539-9488

Celine Sawyer, 539-0853


District 3 Lots 160-210

Ken Folchert, 530-9033

Jane Hassel, 532-7933

District 4 Lots 211-260

Kevin Kennedy, 532-7028 

Dr. Ned Mack,  532-5625


Mill Isle Boat Club
Tony Ausbushon, President 529-2734

Prairie Lake Boat Club
Greg O’Brien, President 530-1670

Frontier Resort

Mary Anderson, President 947-5177


Lake Maloney Property Owners Association
Editor: Celine Sawyer
Phone: 308-539-0853

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