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Brian Hope

Land Management Coordinator or 535-5323

NPPD will be entering a winter operation mode with the North Platte Hydro. The Hydro will start cycling in early November and what this means is that the flows into Lake Maloney will be consistent while the Hydro will operate daily at peak power consumption times. The lake level will fluctuate throughout the day while the Hydro is cycling. When the Hydro is generating, the lake level will go down slightly, and when it is not generating the level will go up slightly. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact me.

Also, another reminder that Lincoln County will be doing an asphalt overlay project around Lake Maloney in the spring of 2021. This could cause some congestion on the roads while the project is being completed. Please plan to take extra time while traveling around the lake. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Thank you and have a great winter.

Draw Down of the Lake 

Covid-19 has made it so the lake has been down more than usual this summer, approximately an average of six inches below normal, but Covid-19 has taught us all that we have to make some sacrifices so giving up some water in the Lake was just another one of those sacrifices. Next Fall around October 1st, the water will be lowered again for the FERC (Federal Emergency Regulatory Commission) Inspection that happens every five years. FERC licenses and inspects private and municipal, hydroelectric projects. Following the inspection, which requires the canal system to be dewatered; flows are anticipated to be returned back into the canal by mid-November. This is a major drawn down which will gives property owners a chance to work on sea wall projects. Now is the time to plan, but during your planning process, don’t forget to get approval from NPPD. IF you are planning on a project, contact Brian Hope at NPPD to complete a construction application for approval before construction begins. 

NPPD also works with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for fish salvaging operations in the canals that occurs when the water is lowered. The LMPOA has been very concerned about retaining water in Jack’s Pond as the Board has been trying to get fish stocked for kids to catch when they fish at Jack’s Pond. The Game and Commission has been hesitant to stock too many because they don’t’ want to have them die when the water is lowered. Members of the Board have worked on opening up the waterway that was blocked and putting a flap on there that they can close when the water is to go down. Next year, will be a good test to see if this will work. 

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