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April 19, 2017 
Minutes from Quarterly Meeting 

The meeting began with the LMPOA Board President calling the meeting to order. The previous minutes were read and the treasurer report was given with a report about membership dues collected so far, funds that have been collected for the Jack Harkreader Memorial fund, the fall trashwalk, and the annual NPPD reimbursement. 

A report about Phase II of the trail was given by Jim States. Jim reported that Brent Burklund from TC Engineering reported that the phase is complete with the exception of the netting for the fence on Hole #5 at the Lake Maloney Golf course. In addition, signage still needs to be put in place. Burklund will submit completion letter to the Department of Roads and the Lincoln County Visitor Bureau since they were providing some grant funds for assistance with Phase II. It was also discussed to place more fencing around the parking area by the Trail Shelter and the utility road that was closed. Ned Mack made a motion to spend up to $500 for fencing for those areas. All approved. 

A discussion was also made regarding the excellent workmanship and cooperation from Paulsen Construction during the Phase II Trail construction. The crew couldn’t have been more professional, cooperative, and easy to work with. They did many things that weren’t part of the bid such as places where it was evident drainage would be needed. The process was 100% favorable. The Board also hired Paulsen Construction to complete and increase the size of the retaining wall on Hole #5, pavement for the parking lot, and removal of more trees. The Board spent an additional $8,835.52 for those projects which they will be reimbursed for in the early months of 2018. As long as the Board completes a project a year up to a pre-determined dollar amount, NPPD will reimburse the board for that project. The Board felt that these items were necessary to be completed for Phase II.

The funding for Phase II construction came from the following: 

-Grant from Nebraska Game & Parks in the amount of 


-Grant from Twin Platte NRD in the amount of $14,000 

-Grant from Lincoln County Visitors Center in the amount 

of $10,000 

-Donations from the private sector and business sector. 

The Board is genuinely appreciative of everyone who has contributed to the Trail Construction so far. Without “you”, this trail would not be possible. 

Next was the discussion of moving the trail along to Phase III. Phase III will begin where Phase II left off on North Lake Rd and continue to the Inlet Flower Garden a total of .3 miles. Paulsen has provided a bid for Phase III and it will cost between $70,000-$75,000. They are putting it on their schedule for Fall or possibly between other summer projects. Funding for Phase III will come from the following: 

-Private donations already collected and being held at Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation and the money that we will get paid for from Twin Platte NRD, and Lincoln County Visitors Center. After Phase III is complete, the money will have run out. If there is to be a Phase IV, then the Board and the Trail Committee we will need to raise more funds and apply for more grants. 

The next item on the Board’s agenda was Jack’s Pond. It is at the request of Patti Harkreader and her family that a determination be made regarding refilling Jack’s Pond which is located at the Lake Maloney Inlet near the Kansas Point Campground. With the passing of Jack Harkreader, which is who Jack’s Pond was named after, the Harkreaders were receiving memorial funds and they wanted to use their memorial funds for reopening Jack’s Pond. Jack’s Pond was built by Nebraska Game and Parks in the early 

2000’s, however, the pond did not hold water and the pump had to continually run, therefore, it became cost prohibitive to let the pump run continually so the pond dried up. Brian Hope from NPPD visited with the Nebraska Game and Parks about the possibility of refilling it. The Games and Parks did not want to take this project on again. They did give a rough estimate that it would cost anywhere from $500,000 to $750,000 to redo the pond. Therefore, it was discussed on what we could do to honor Jack’s memory and Patti and her family’s request. It was discussed to “move” Jack’s pond to what is now called the Woodman of the World pond which is located behind the Trail Shelter across from 619 S Maloney Drive. The Jack’s Pond sign that is currently located at the dried up pond is being looked at to move to the Woodman of the World Pond. The Board is hopeful that they can stock fish in there to encourage a place for fishing and toad hunting for the younger kids. 

The last item discussed at the quarterly Board meeting was about the water in the lake that was lowered. As many of you probably saw in the news that it was lowered for a time period due to a pickup that went into the canal near Keystone, NE. The pickup was not able to be removed until the water was down allowing access for the tow truck to get to the vehicle. 

The next Board meeting will be July 18, 2017.

November 15, 2016 
Minutes from Quarterly Meeting 

The annual meeting was held on November 15, 2016, with approximately 60 people in attendance. The meeting began with President, Jim States calling the meeting to order. Secretary, Jane Hassel read the minutes of the 2015 annual meeting and a roll call of board members present. Next, the Treasurer’s report was provided with total assets of the LMPOA asset accounts total $36,671. It was explained how income is derived with the two main sources being membership dues which brings in approximately $7,400 in revenue and NPPD annual reimbursement which is about $6,000.00. 

Vice-President, Rob Evans provided information regarding Board positions. Rob reported that in District 1, Member-at-large, Jane Hassel’s term will expire and she agreed to run for another 3-year term. The floor was open for further nominations and there were none. A vote was taken by the members and the motion passed. In District 2, there were no terms that were expiring. In District 3, Member-at-large, Sam Perry’s term will expire and he also agreed to run for another 3-year term. The floor was open for further nominations, there were none. A vote was taken by the members and the motion passed. In District 4, Kevin Kennedy fulfilled a 1-year position which was vacated by Ford Craig who moved to Seward, NE. The position is now open for a three-year term. Kevin agreed to serve again. The floor was open for nominations and there were none. A vote was taken by the members and the motion passed. 

The President’s report was the next item on the agenda. Jim States, began his report by providing up-to-date information regarding the Lake Maloney Trail. Jim was very happy to report that he finally received approval from NEPA (Natonal Environmental Protection Act). Jim informed the members that the county will own the second phase of the trail. The LMPOA owns Phase I. Jim said that plans are already being made for Phase III. Phase III will go from where Phase II ends to the Inlet, which will be approximately 1/2 mile. Our consultant, Julie Ogden from JE Consultants is very optimistic about our chances to obtain another grant. Judy Pederson is also working on possible grants for this phase as well such as assistance from Lincoln County Visitor’s Bureau and the Twin Rivers NRD. 

The next item on the agenda was information from Tiffany Wood from the Jaycees regarding the Frisbee Golf Course. A motion was made for the LMPOA to sponsor a hole for $500.00. Ned Mack made a motion to sponsor a hole and Toni Guthrie seconded the motion. All voted yes and the motion was passed. 

Brian Hope from NPPD provided an update to the members at attendance regarding the Lake Maloney water flow. He explained about the diversion, storage, and flow of water. He provided numbers showing a 30-year average as compared to last year and the current year. Overall, the water flow looks very good for 2017. 

 Brian Hope also provided an NPPD update. It was brought up by an audience member regarding dredging the bays to give more room for boats and swimming. Brian said that it is not something that NPPD will consider unless it is for NPPD’s operational needs.

He did report that there were several improvements made to Lake Maloney in 2016 such as more improvements to South Beach and the installation of three boat ramps. The next FERC inspection (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) will be in four-five years. There might be a slight draw down next year for repair up the canal towards Hershey, but more information will follow as information is finalized. There was also some discussion 

regarding vehicles on the lake bed when the water is down. Technically, this is not illegal and can’t be enforced if signage has not been provided by NPPD. So very little can be done about vehicles, four-wheelers etc on the lake bed. The reason that the homeowner’s don’t like the vehicles on the water bed is because of sand that it blows and causes problems to homeowners.

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